See Orangutan in Bukit Lawang

Located 86 km from Medan, the third largest city in Indonesia and the biggest city in island of Sumatra, Bukit Lawang is name of a village located on the edge of the Gunung . “Gunung” means “mountain”, “Bukit” means “hill” and “Lawang” means “door”, therefore, Bukit Lawang means The hill which is the gateway to the mountain. Bukit Lawang is one of the entrance to Gunung , the last sanctuary of the Sumatran Orangutan.

Bukit Lawang, from 1972-2001, was the site of an orangutan rehabilitation project, with 229 ex-captive rescued from the pet trade having passed through the program. Nowadays, Bukit Lawang is considered one of the best gateways unto experiencing the many marvels of the . Although no longer a center for active rehabilitation and release, the forests surrounding Bukit Lawang still offer many opportunities to observe and many other amazing species of fauna and flora.

Uphill is resort, a feeding center for semi wild Sumatran Orangutan.The resort is open to visitors twice a day, at 8 o’clock in the morning and at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The boatman or keeper used to bring you over the river in a small canoe.

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