Putri Biru Travel

Beside providing resort service we also have an in-house travel agent that can deliver you the best experience in North Sumatera.

Putri Biru Travel - Sumatra Travel
Putri Biru Travel – Sumatra Travel
PutriBiruTravel.com originates from an interest in offering adventurous holidays in Sumatra to destinations where direct contact with the forest and its ecosystem is a key element. In early 2010 we started our Travel Company with specialized tours through Bukit Lawang, TangkahanToba Lake and other popular travel destinations in North Sumatra. Nowadays we organize journeys throughout Sumatra and we have a large variation of daytrips, overnight excursions and roundtrips. Our strength is journeys tailored to your personal desire at competitive prices. We can also make your travel arrangements that are not in our website program. Whenever we outsource activities, we do so at reliable and experienced companies those are frequently verified by us. We have a large number of tourguides, drivers and other employees on location in Sumatra. Our office is located in Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra Indonesia.
Our travelers
Travelers on our tours are both “first-comers” to Sumatra and people that have visited the island of Sumatra, Indonesia before: Adventurous, open-minded people who want to experience the country as the Sumatra people themselves do, and also visit places away off the beaten track. Our guests often prefer to determine their own itinerary rather than join a group tour. They are families or student groups, singles or young couples, friends or retired (or semi-retired) people. All of them share a desire to travel on their own, relax and enjoy the more genuine parts of Sumatra. Above all, our travelers simply want to relax, recharge, experience Island of Sumatra and her wonderful people and culture – and have a fun time!
We are officially registered in Indonesia under the name “PT. Putri Biru Travel”.
PT. Putri Biru Travel

Bukit Lawang
Langkat, Sumatera Utara
Indonesia 20774

Contact: Sunarto Kinol (kinolfals@gmail.com)

Pictures of Tangkahan:

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